From Doc


Thank you for visiting us at the Doc Jacobs Foundation. I would like to take a brief moment to say a special thanks to you for your support. 

Throughout my childhood I grew up doing everything to play sports. My Dad was in the U.S. Navy and money was always scarce. When it came to playing sports that required travel fees or extra gear, I couldn't play that sport or go on those tournaments. As I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, I began my lifelong dream of trying out for professional baseball. Quickly I realized how expensive it was to pursue my dream. The equipment costs, the coaching costs, the cage fees, the gym fees, the league fees and the travel costs just kept adding up. 

Being a military brat and then serving in the military, I soon realized that paying extra out of pocket is not feasible for most military and veteran families. Throughout the years of trying out for four different professional teams, I had decided that this thought needed to be a reality and for us all to, collectively, come together and give these youngsters a fair chance. 

In short, I want to thank you for your love and support and we hope that you continue to check back and see the many smiles that you have helped create. 

On behalf of all of us at the Doc Jacobs Foundation,

Thank you.

Doc Jacobs