Our Mission

Provide sports scholarships to assist with the costs of participation and attendance in sports programs for children of active military and veteran families and such children’s immediate families.

Our Vision

A world where every kid of active military and veteran families doesn't miss out on sports due to finances.

How the doc jacobs foundation came to be

The Doc Jacobs Foundation was created with a dream within a dream. Doc Jacobs was once an aspiring professional baseball player. After Doc was honorably discharged from the US Navy he was granted a tryout with a local professional team. Although Doc didn't get signed, he trained and continued to get tryouts and some looks from other professional teams. Throughout his whole time making a valiant attempt at the pros Doc came to realize how much money it costs to pursue one's dreams.

Since Doc is no longer pursuing his personal dreams of the playing professional baseball, he has decided to channel his passion and love for playing sports into affording others the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Through donations and continued support the aforementioned opportunities can become realities.

The Doc Jacobs Foundation would like to thank all that have been supportive throughout the initiation process. We would also like to thank those that have been supportive of Doc Jacobs as he endured a lengthy path of training and trying out. Doc Jacobs would like to personally thank the teams that believed in him as he continued to impress them with his heart, talent and no-quit attitude.



-The Doc Jacobs Foundation is a 501(c)3. EIN: 82-2361036.

-The Doc Jacobs Foundation is an Equal Opportunity organization and scholarships are solely approved based on the  Veteran/Service Member's Honorable status, child must be enrolled in (or will be) a program where the funds can be disbursed and current financial abilities of the foundation.

-The Doc Jacobs Foundation is an insured nonprofit. 

-100% of donations go into scholarships and keeping the foundation running. All board members are Honorably Discharged Veterans and volunteer their time to the cause. 

-I understand that: by donating to the Doc Jacobs Foundation, I am donating out of pure generosity and I am not expecting any gifts (i.e. merchandise, memorabilia, autographs, time...etc.) upon donation. Gifts and merchandise are handled by separate itemized transactions with a receipt for both parties.